AI is everywhere! Often, you are already using it without realising it. So unlock the power of AI with our products and services, designed for both the layman and the specialist developer and everything in between. With the European AI Act looming, the first law on AI, it is good for you as an entrepreneur to know where you stand. We therefore help you with questions such as "what is AI and how can I use it?" to "I have developed an AI system, can I legally market it?". 

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Our approach

Our team of experts in AI and policy-making has carefully developed the Online AI Checks and Tools so that you get the best possible idea of what to do. Or maybe you don't have to do anything. Using these products, it becomes clear at a glance what you need to pay attention to, what you can improve and what is already going well. Moreover, our services will always be tailor-made, working closely with you and taking into account your specific circumstances. Our services will seamlessly match the needs and objectives of your organisation.

Our products and services will help you with:

  • Ensure ethics and compliance
  • Ensure privacy and data security
  • Promote responsible use of AI tools
  • Identify and minimise legal and operational risks

Our service includes:

  • In-depth analysis of your AI application(s)
  • Drafting ethical guidelines for responsible AI use
  • Implementation and enforcement strategies
  • Training and awareness-raising for staff and internal supervisors

Advantages of our service

With our products and services, the choice is yours. You can complete the checks independently or together with us to make sure you are on the right track. With the results, you can get started right away or you can ask us for additional tailor-made guidance. Then you can use AI safely and responsibly. This brings numerous benefits:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced legal and compliance risks
  • Improved image and trust among stakeholders
  • Opportunities for innovation and growth

AI Boardroom Session

Meet the AI Boardroom Session, a stimulating and informative experience designed to introduce board members and internal supervisors, to the next frontier of business innovation: Artificial Intelligence (AI). This session is designed not only to inspire, but also to equip board members and internal supervisors with the knowledge and tools needed to deploy and oversee AI effectively and ethically.

AI Policy

Is your organisation ready to explore the frontiers of technological innovation? And do you want to harness the benefits of AI tools like ChatGPT while ensuring that your employees can use this technology responsibly and ethically? And do you, as an organisation, want to keep a grip on the AI tools employees use. Then the tailor-made AI policy is for you! The AI policy provides your organisation's employees with the necessary guidelines to use the power of AI safely and effectively.

AI Compliance Assessment

The AI Act works with different risk categories. An AI system must meet the requirements of the category into which that AI system is to be classified. For instance, for high-risk AI systems, the AI Act requires a Conformity Assessment. Therefore, we offer an AI Compliance Assessment through which we (i) determine whether an AI system falls under the AI Act, (ii) into which risk category the AI system should be classified and (iii) whether the AI system meets the requirements of that category. Both the AI system and the development process are assessed for legal compliance, ethical integrity and technical robustness. If the assessment requires disciplines other than legal, we engage other disciplines through the LegalAIR network.  After an assessment, we provide you with a report, a data sheet and a scorecard ('Roadmap for Compliance') that you can make public if you wish. This allows you to demonstrate to customers and stakeholders that your organisation takes the quality and safety of its AI systems seriously and takes proactive steps to minimise risks.

Impact Assessment Human Rights and Algorithms

To ensure that AI systems respect the interests and rights of data subjects, the Human Rights and Algorithms Impact Assessment (IAMA) was developed by the Utrecht University. It is highly recommended for government use of algorithms. The IAMA evaluates the operation and implications of AI systems in four parts: the purpose of the system, the data used, the operation, and the risks to human rights. The IAMA helps with making informed choices during development to mitigate risks. We guide organisations in conducting an IAMA.

Online AI checks and Tools

Wondering if the AI Act applies to you? Then use the 'EU AI Act: Which rules apply to you?' check as a starting point. If you already know that the applications you use are covered by the AI Act and you want to start preparing for its arrival, use our 10 Steps to Prepare for the AI Act. Are your preparations complete and ready for a carefully laid-out check? Then our AI Quickscan (in Dutch) comes in perfectly! With it, you can check step by step whether you are on the right track when it comes to AI, data, privacy and cybersecurity.



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