At the European level, a law specific to Artificial Intelligence, the AI Act, has been under development in recent years. The AI Act provides risk categories for AI systems. AI systems covered by the AI Act must be assigned to a risk category. AI systems must then be compliant with the requirements of that risk category. For instance, some AI systems are designated as high-risk. For these AI systems, the EU mandates a Conformity Assessment. As a precursor to this, we offer the AI Compliance Assessment.

What is it?

The AI Act requires a Conformity Assessment for certain AI systems, namely high-risk systems. The Conformity Assessment is designed to determine (i) whether an AI system is subject to the AI Act, (ii) in which risk category the AI system should be classified and (iii) whether the AI system is compliant with the requirements of the AI Act. As a precursor to this, we offer an AI Compliance Assessment. The Compliance Assessment examines the AI system and the development process, with the aim of determining whether the AI system:

  • Legally compliant;
  • Ethically sound; and
  • Technically robust.

We do this using a structured assessment procedure that ultimately produces several documents. After a successful AI Compliance Assessment, you will receive:

  • A report of proceedings;
  • Recommendations to become compliant ('Roadmap to Compliance')
  • A summary datasheet, which can later be submitted to an AI systems database; and
  • A scorecard, which you may make public.

With this information, you can show your customers and stakeholders that you are serious about the quality of your AI systems and that you are actively taking measures to counter risks.

How does an AI Compliance Assessment work?

  • In an introductory meeting, we discuss your project, determine the scope and steps of the AI Compliance Assessment;
  • Based on the conversation, we will prepare the AI Compliance Assessment;
  • We conduct the AI Compliance Assessment with you or a team of stakeholders;
  • As a final product, we deliver a report based on the Compliance Assessment that includes the datasheet, Roadmap to Compliance and scorecard as attachments.

More information?

You can contact Frederick Droppert ( or Jos van der Wijst ( with questions about the AI Compliance Assessment and the costs involved.

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