Unlock the power of AI in your organisation with a tailored AI policy!

Our customised AI policy provides your organisation with the guidelines to use AI tools, such as ChatGPT, safely, responsibly and effectively, while ensuring ethical standards, privacy, data protection and compliance.

What we will do: 

We start with an online intake to identify your organisation's unique needs, opportunities and risks. We then get to work on a draft AI policy, fully tailored to your organisation. We discuss this draft together in an online session, where we incorporate your feedback and insights to perfect the policy.

In six steps, we ensure that your organisation is optimally prepared to successfully use AI:

  1. Analysing AI use cases within your organisation and the potential risks
  2. Drafting an AI policy, including ethical guidelines for AI use
  3. Drafting privacy and data protection guidelines (optional)
  4. Discuss strategies for implementation and compliance
  5. Organising awareness sessions for the board (optional)
  6. Providing employee training and raising awareness (optional)

Our team of experts in AI and policy-making will work closely with you to develop a tailor-made AI policy that seamlessly matches your organisation's needs and goals.

You got this

  • An organisation that recognises and wants to harness the potential of AI technologies such as ChatGPT to innovate and optimise business processes
  • Possibly a vision of how AI can make a difference in your business processes, customer service, product development or in other areas
  • Questions or uncertainties about the ethical, legal and practical aspects of AI implementation within your company
  • Need for clear guidelines and best practices to integrate AI responsibly and safely into your organisation

This is what you get

A clear AI policy that helps to:

  • Increase efficiency and optimise operational processes
  • Reduce legal and compliance risks
  • Strengthen the organisation's image and stakeholder trust
  • Unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation

If required, we can also draft privacy and data protection guidelines, train employees on the use of AI and organise an awareness session to introduce board members and internal supervisors to AI.

Ready for AI transformation?

We offer the drafting of an AI policy for €750 ex VAT. Drafting privacy and data protection guidelines and raising awareness among the board and staff is separate from this offer. Contact Jos van der Wijst (wijst@bg.legal) for more information and a proposal of our services. Together, we will create a future where AI is used responsibly.


  • Created 11-04-2024
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