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Dutch businesses are not prepared for the arrival of the AI Act

Recent research of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences shows that Dutch companies are insufficiently prepared for the arrival of the AI Act.

An in-depth study by Diptish Dey, Jesse Weltevreden and Debarati Bhaumik shows that Dutch businesses are not yet prepared for the AI Act. The compliance score for the surveyed companies averages at 56%. With the approaching deadlines of the AI Act, companies must align with the new regulations within three years, and for prohibited AI systems, as soon as six months. The AI Act enforces strict rules, especially for high-risk AI systems, which is why companies that use AI should act now.



This figure is derived from the Emerce article on the research. It displays the perception versus the actual AI Act compliance of organisations. The X-axis shows the exagerated compliance and the Y-axis shows the average actual compliance score. The line in the middle illustrates the case where 100% of the organisations have identical perception and actual compliance. The average actual compliance is 56%. 

AI is everywhere. Often, you are already using it without realising it. It is crucial for companies to know where they stand with regards to the AI Act. We therefore help you with questions such as "what is AI and how can I use it?" to "I have developed an AI system, can I legally market it?". If your company is using AI, it can be difficult to know where to start. We are here to help. Check out our AI Products page (our services and tools) - Legal AIR or contact us!