Unlock the power of AI within your organisation with an inspiring AI Boardroom Session!

Meet the AI Boardroom Session, a stimulating and informative experience designed to introduce board members and internal supervisors to the next frontier of business innovation: Artificial Intelligence (AI). This session is designed not only to inspire, but also to equip board members and internal supervisors with the knowledge and tools needed to deploy and oversee AI effectively and ethically.

What we will do:

In 5 steps, we will prepare your boardroom to capitalise on the potential of AI within your organisation. We will do so by:

  1. Introducing the meaning and importance of AI in organisations and business
  2. Analysing the key ethical issues around AI use in your organisation
  3. Explaining the highlights of the relevant regulations, including the AI Regulation, the AI Liability Directive, the GDPR and the NIS-2 Directive
  4. Going through the core principles that are of utmost importance when implementing AI in your organisation
  5. Answering questions that currently within the organisation (at board level)

Our team of experts in AI ensures that your organisation's directors and internal supervisors are provided with all crucial AI knowledge and insights, aligned with your organisation's (strategic) needs.

What you have:

  • An organisation that recognises and wants to use the potential of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, for innovation and business process optimisation
  • Questions or uncertainties about the ethical, legal and practical aspects of AI implementation within your company
  • A need for clarity on what is and is not allowed and what the board should consider when implementing AI
  • Board members willing to take the lead in integrating AI into your organisation's strategic vision

What you will get:

An AI Boardroom Session helps to:

  • Give directors and internal regulators a clear picture of the potential of AI technologies
  • Get a grip on the legal obligations and challenges involved in the ethical and strategic integration of AI into business processes
  • Achieve improved decision-making capacity regarding AI initiatives, creating a competitive advantage
  • Meet your governance and oversight responsibilities
  • Strengthen leadership and innovation capability within your board

Ready for AI transformation?

We offer the providing of an AI Boardroom Session for €495,= ex VAT. Contact Jos van der Wijst (wijst@bg.legal) for more information and a proposal of our services. Together we will create a future where AI is used responsibly.

  • Created 11-04-2024
  • Last Edited 04-06-2024
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