Unlock the power of AI with these handy and free Online AI Checks and Tools!

Wondering if the AI Act applies to you? Then use the 'EU AI Act: Which rules apply to you?' tool as a starting point. If you already know that the applications you use are covered by the AI Act and you want to start preparing for its arrival, use our 10 Steps to Prepare for the AI Act. Are your preparations complete and ready for a carefully laid-out check? Then our AI Quickscan (in Dutch) comes in perfectly! With it, you can check step by step whether you are on the right track when it comes to AI, data, privacy and cybersecurity.

Why the Online AI Checks and Tools?

The Online AI Checks and Tools are designed to provide an accessible and efficient way to assess (at a glance) how regulations such as the AI Act may apply to your organisation and to facilitate compliance.  It helps to: 

  • Ensure ethics and compliance
  • Ensure privacy and data security
  • Promote responsible use of AI tools
  • Minimise legal and operational risks

The tools include:

Offering Online AI Checks and Tools

These Online AI Checks and Tools are offered free of charge. For personal guidance on completing them or for personal advice after the Online AI Checks and Tools, please contact Jos van der Wijst (wijst@bg.legal). Together, we are creating a future where AI is used responsibly.


  • Created 11-04-2024
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