What rights and duties do governments have regarding their data?

The Dutch government has a duty to disclose information about its policies and their implementation. This information must be made available in a timely and understandable manner. In addition to a duty to disclose information of their own accord, anyone can submit a request for information to the Dutch government. This can be used to request information about a particular administrative subject or a specific document. The government has the right not to release its data due to certain exceptional grounds or restrictions.

As part of "sharing data for its own consideration", governments currently offer nearly 20.000 datasets through the portal. These datasets are made available under various Creative Commons licenses by local and national government organizations. Although the administrators of https://data.overheid.nl/  and the owners of the datasets make efforts to keep the quality of the datasets as high as possible, no guarantees are given. Thus, the government organization cannot be held liable for errors in the datasets.

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