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Digital Agenda of the EU

The Digital Agenda and the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy have dominated the EU's legislative agenda over the past decade, resulting in an extensive and complicated set of regulations and rules. We will be starting a blog series to provide an analysis of the legislation adopted and in the pipeline. The serie also provides a roadmap through the maze of different instruments that are gradually coming our way.

Digital Agenda and DSM strategy

The EU has been devoting considerable attention to the Digital Agenda for about 15 years. In the current legislative period, several key instruments have already been adopted or are in the process of advanced alignment and adoption. These include the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Data Governance Act (DGA). In addition, proposals such as the Data Act, the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), the European Health Data Space (EHDS) and an update to the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS 2) are in the pipeline.

The flight forward

It is important to underline that the blog series on the EU's digital agenda will not be an academic exercise. These regulations have real and often significant implications for any company operating in the European market and our blog series aims to be more than a dry enumeration of proposed rules and regulations. We want to give you an insight into what these regulations really mean for you and your business.

For the EU, what are the drivers behind the digital agenda, their objectives? The potential consequences? These questions are at the heart of our analysis. We want to give you a clear picture of the regulatory landscape,to enable you to make informed decisions on how you and your business can adapt and prepare for the changes ahead.

In the coming blogs, we will zoom in on the proposed regulations, one by one. We will explore what they mean, entail and what consequences they (may) have. We hope this blog series will provide you with valuable insight, and so we invite you to join us on this fascinating journey through the maze of the EU's digital agenda.

This blog series will consist of the english versions of the Digital Agenda of the EU blog series of our founding partner BG.legal.